Monday, October 20, 2008


She could see nothing but darkness now. Opening those eyes wide so that the thin cold air cools his buring eyes. Not that one tear has fell but she has cried enough. This journey would be a long one but it wants to be cut short- by her, unable to stop from going on that road she tries and tells herself not to walk on it aimlessless or rather with an aim that is unwanted. The daylight has to creep in, the morning breeze wants to blow on the face and the warm sun shines on her skin; but i walk towards the darkness.
Perhaps one day, she would see the path more clear. Standing in the sandy waters of the beach today, the sun bakes over as she feels the cold water kiss her feet. The sea is so huge it always encompassed everybody, every wish, every joy and every sorrow. This misery wants to end but is there a way out? There has to be one, she tells herself and if there isnt, she wants him to feel it. Time is the vessel which you never see when full, its only when it emptys, you realise what you have lost. The only fear she has is if she may drift away way too much that it is impossible for her to come back for anyone; even herself. The fear overpowers her to step ahead or move behind. She just realised, she was officially in a limbo- that was no where.


Anonymous said...

glad you're writing again =)

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