Monday, December 24, 2007

Roses From Him

Roses from him
perhaps the best short story i have ever written.

With every passing moment I gazed down at the wristwatch and uttered prayers to see him here and soon. We had been married last year and were so very happy. Only last year, the news of our child arriving made us as happy as horses in a hayfield or maybe more. He was supposed to come back three hours earlier but there was no sign of him yet. I knew he was a man of his words and knew what he said and so very punctual, this increased my worries. I gasped in the cold air of early January and gripped my fingers so tightly that the wedding ring on my finger begin to hurt my hand. That made me even more desperate, now my eyes were searching for him in every direction. I was out on the doorsteps for a while now and the frost had made my face quiet numb. I touched my face and spotted tears rolling down my cheeks. The winter had made them so cold. And so was he, a mile away lying on the cold streets of Karachi, people surrounding the body of my beloved, my honey. Someone had knocked him down as he was buying flowers from a hawker. They were roses and I was allergic to them. Only if I could ever know whom these roses were meant for.


this is something i wrote two years back..
thankyou Senjuti for appriciating =)

and by the way on a more personal note.. an year down the line i got the answer to the poem..

By: Dabeer Hemani

If the world would be coming to its end today
Would you still wait for me and say
With you I can never betray
We will live the day just our way

If the sun would stop burning today
With me would you like to stay
Enjoy its each and every ray
And bear its heat and not go stray

If the moon would descend upon the earth today
Would you still wake up to wish a good day
While the world joys, with me will you like to lay
Bear the hardships, the actions for which I have to pay

If I was to die today
Will you accompany me to the bay
Watch me turning blue and grey
And cry for me as I go on my way

Sunday, December 23, 2007


this is dedicated to all my architorture freinds who survived the torture!
best of luck =)

Saturday, December 22, 2007


obviously i am new at blogging so ive decided not to follow any rules (if there are any at all) and write about every and anything i feel about.
i always wanted to be an author.. always felt like writing from the start but maybe god had some other plans for me and in Him i trust =)

i wait for the time to come
maybe when you will know some
music was mine which you now hum
& feel as your fingers go numb

drowing into the sea of lies
failing after a million tries
a shock too much for my size
everything but my concious dies

living was never this hard
not that this was the toughest part
thought i had my trump card
a dead body on the push cart

coming back to the life that was
walking down the lane across
weeping for a living loss
a dream that was badly tossed

not much i did
into the sheets i slid
of thoughts i wanted to get rid
only if i could put the highest bid

apart from this my aims were alive
so many things i did for those five
into the ocean of calmness i want to dive
only if i could get around into the hive

the words are only a hint of the space
they may tell you about a fallen grance
gradients of a line i trace
there wasnt anything else i could face

though the fragrance is strong
and i still stand tall
no one could say he could have falled
until the day i got that call

and did i see over the horizon
no wine for me i drank the poison
a letter and a double barrel gun
those were the remains of a battle i won

Dont throw away those old tubelights

this and so much more you can do with them.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

architecture - a frozen music

dabeer hemani

Its of the brick and about bricklayer
Of a mason and his prayer
About the sahen and the foyer
Bridges suspended with wires

Of heights and lengths
Of materials and structural strengths
Of commissioned and free lance
Of concrete and tensile tense

Ando’s play with sun in the church of light
And the slopes of Frank Lloyd Wright
Alto’s Finland in him is a great sight
Barcelona for Mies will always be bright
The mile high never reached the height
Corbusians consider him a king of architectural might
Louie Kahn’s a genius in all his right

The models and the sleep
Their meaning lies within me deep
The road is clear but the way is steep
To this life I therefore leap

From contemporary to vernacular
To the views from the tourist’s binocular
Green energy from panels run on solar
Limitations may exist but ambitions go taller

Of the glass box of James Sterling
And Foster’s dome in Berlin
Making statues may be a sin
Its some thing I would do with wide grin

The humor and the smiles
Hidden behind one a million lies
Laid down like a courtyard filled with tiles
Some dreams may live forever deep in files

A coffee and the whistling kettle
It’s all a Thursday nights meddle
This is for what I settle
Of honors and shiny medals

The desperation and frustration within
A billion ideas buried deep within
The pen sketches and their shading
Some see the light others go fading

A sea of possibilities and swimming in one
Steel and gudders weighting millions of tons
A movie for Loui from his son
Finding God is a battle still to be won

The journey may seem long
Don’t be wrong to think I am not strong
Of lyrics, poems, duets and a song
What you do comes back like ping pong

If Dabeer thinks another Savoye can be built
He must not go underneath the quilt
Into the cradle way go all guiltIn front of God he always knelt


dabeer hemani

have you ever thought about someone this hard?
maybe i have

have you ever kissed so many times?
maybe i have
maybe it wasnt me
it wasnt even she
but yes this was the same tree
and now i cant see
you set me free

have you ever loved soemone this much
maybe i have
maybe it wasnt my touch
you always wanted to be first
but it was never enough
and now i cant feel love
you are high above

have you ever made so many plans
kicked all those cola cans
stared at the ceiling fans
maybe i have
maybe i shouldnt have
but now i change lanes
a dream with broken panes
you wont take any names

have you ever been sad so long
maybe i have
maybe i dont remember that
alone in the dark i sat
but what did i get
a music with no beat
looking at an empty seat
you cant feel the heat

have you ever tried running away
maybe i have
in every way i sawy
said what i wasnt supposed to say
my lips would move and they would pray
but here alone i lay
a hope that you may
not go the other way

have you ever tried to forget someone
maybe i have
maybe i couldnt do
yes you know who
and yes we always knew
we were among the few
but in the falling dew
in my life's short review
you were the only view

Thursday, November 15, 2007


here i go making my first blog entery..
there are many reasons i made ths.. i always wanted to document my stuff and even share some..
best of luck to me!