Monday, December 24, 2007


this is something i wrote two years back..
thankyou Senjuti for appriciating =)

and by the way on a more personal note.. an year down the line i got the answer to the poem..

By: Dabeer Hemani

If the world would be coming to its end today
Would you still wait for me and say
With you I can never betray
We will live the day just our way

If the sun would stop burning today
With me would you like to stay
Enjoy its each and every ray
And bear its heat and not go stray

If the moon would descend upon the earth today
Would you still wake up to wish a good day
While the world joys, with me will you like to lay
Bear the hardships, the actions for which I have to pay

If I was to die today
Will you accompany me to the bay
Watch me turning blue and grey
And cry for me as I go on my way

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