Tuesday, December 18, 2007


dabeer hemani

have you ever thought about someone this hard?
maybe i have

have you ever kissed so many times?
maybe i have
maybe it wasnt me
it wasnt even she
but yes this was the same tree
and now i cant see
you set me free

have you ever loved soemone this much
maybe i have
maybe it wasnt my touch
you always wanted to be first
but it was never enough
and now i cant feel love
you are high above

have you ever made so many plans
kicked all those cola cans
stared at the ceiling fans
maybe i have
maybe i shouldnt have
but now i change lanes
a dream with broken panes
you wont take any names

have you ever been sad so long
maybe i have
maybe i dont remember that
alone in the dark i sat
but what did i get
a music with no beat
looking at an empty seat
you cant feel the heat

have you ever tried running away
maybe i have
in every way i sawy
said what i wasnt supposed to say
my lips would move and they would pray
but here alone i lay
a hope that you may
not go the other way

have you ever tried to forget someone
maybe i have
maybe i couldnt do
yes you know who
and yes we always knew
we were among the few
but in the falling dew
in my life's short review
you were the only view

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