Saturday, December 22, 2007


obviously i am new at blogging so ive decided not to follow any rules (if there are any at all) and write about every and anything i feel about.
i always wanted to be an author.. always felt like writing from the start but maybe god had some other plans for me and in Him i trust =)

i wait for the time to come
maybe when you will know some
music was mine which you now hum
& feel as your fingers go numb

drowing into the sea of lies
failing after a million tries
a shock too much for my size
everything but my concious dies

living was never this hard
not that this was the toughest part
thought i had my trump card
a dead body on the push cart

coming back to the life that was
walking down the lane across
weeping for a living loss
a dream that was badly tossed

not much i did
into the sheets i slid
of thoughts i wanted to get rid
only if i could put the highest bid

apart from this my aims were alive
so many things i did for those five
into the ocean of calmness i want to dive
only if i could get around into the hive

the words are only a hint of the space
they may tell you about a fallen grance
gradients of a line i trace
there wasnt anything else i could face

though the fragrance is strong
and i still stand tall
no one could say he could have falled
until the day i got that call

and did i see over the horizon
no wine for me i drank the poison
a letter and a double barrel gun
those were the remains of a battle i won


Anonymous said...

blogging has no rules...same goes for writing any other way...thats why it sets you free...

goodluck :)

ive really enjoyed blogging myself.


Anonymous said...

post some of ur short stories too...ive read them nd i loved them...:)

dabby said...

thanks guys =)

Rizwan said...

Good work Dabeer, keep it updated and i will visit here oftenly.