Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Using light for spirituality in Japanese churches

Cathedral of Santa Maria
Kenzo Tange

Church of light
Tadao Ando

From facebook for architects!

All these pictures are NOT mine, i came across them and posted here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Box - Eric Owen Moss

The Box

Program: Office building

Area: 12,240 sq ft

Selected Awards:

AIA/CC Design Honor Award 1995
DuPont Benedictus Award 1995
AIA/LA Design Design Award 1994

Selected Publications:

The Box, monograph on The Box project, August, 1996
Arquitectura, (Mexico) Stealth, IRS, Ince Theatre, August, 1995
Architectural Review, (England), January, 1995
New York Times, The Box project, January 23, 1994

freedom served caged

Looks like the stage is set,
the elders have placed the bet,
for the souls not here yet,
the blood that drips still red;

so you thought a prayer  would do,
helpless we are to all know who,
on our knees we drag to,
get the freedom to be caged in a zoo;

the victory bells are sounding already,
our spirits no longer steady,
trying to lurk from one to another getty;

we stand as a mob today,
and the corpses that we lay,
knees feel weak the hair go grey,
long ago someone choose for me this way;

though a star shines above,
the battlefeild and the white dove,
one who teaches the wild about love;

the clouds have gathered and they thunder,
no rules for your beautiful blunder,
here we sit and wonder,
reasons for why men would plunder;

thought the answer we got was simple,
they wanted to set an example,
for their children and wives to be ample,
some had to live crippled;

wow to the 'men' who kill,
paint red the green hill,
for them its an honour and thrill,
long live the will,
no talks for any guilt.

dabeer h.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Screams of the emptiness

screams of the emptiness

a thought that occured today,
our shadows moving away,
what you want is not what you say,
i do what i did and i pray;

the vision of the times to come,
a heaven it might seem to some,
the days pass by as the thoughts go numb,
to the same tune i still hum;

glitters of hope remain close,
a battle i was ready to loose,
on the air once i cruised,
today i try standing up all bruised.

-dabeer hemani

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The legecy and the inevitable..

Self Potrait using mix media..

I am not what you see,
I am what i am trying to be..

I am a soul trapped,
the grail wrapped,
the rope snapped,
I am what I read..

I am a coated on,
to the laws sworn,
tired and worn,
I am on what I wont morn..

I am a passenger,
escaping from scavangers,
searching for thy messenger,
I am what the the system would danger..