Thursday, June 19, 2008

freedom served caged

Looks like the stage is set,
the elders have placed the bet,
for the souls not here yet,
the blood that drips still red;

so you thought a prayer  would do,
helpless we are to all know who,
on our knees we drag to,
get the freedom to be caged in a zoo;

the victory bells are sounding already,
our spirits no longer steady,
trying to lurk from one to another getty;

we stand as a mob today,
and the corpses that we lay,
knees feel weak the hair go grey,
long ago someone choose for me this way;

though a star shines above,
the battlefeild and the white dove,
one who teaches the wild about love;

the clouds have gathered and they thunder,
no rules for your beautiful blunder,
here we sit and wonder,
reasons for why men would plunder;

thought the answer we got was simple,
they wanted to set an example,
for their children and wives to be ample,
some had to live crippled;

wow to the 'men' who kill,
paint red the green hill,
for them its an honour and thrill,
long live the will,
no talks for any guilt.

dabeer h.

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