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Her wet eyelashes rested on her beautiful face in the rain of tears. The shiny mirror of her life lay in pieces that would never be put together again. She had lived to kill her soul, her own. If only she could name him. Her ears would long for the voice of her own. She would shriek and scream, cry and weep for a nameless part of her. They never showed him what was her own. For months she kept him in her bosom, fed him her own blood and painted a million dreams for him. Today she had him no more. Her hands were free, her legs untied yet she lay helpless only with her tears to dry.

The pain had suddenly reminded of her ordeal for nothing. It had made her soft skin pale and her gentle pink face red with sorrow. A few feathers lay around her as her nails had dug the sheet and the mattress she lay on. Going into an ecstasy of blinding pain, she yearned to hear a beautiful cry on the other side. There was only deafening silence.

A world had come down on her and she would fight back with an ocean of tears; until she sank into them.

June 8 1997

Nazeeha Chaudry gave birth to a sub developed fetus. It was never shown to her and was declared property of the teaching hospital.

June 11 1997

Nazeeha Chaudry was declared deceased due to post child birth complications.

PS. This is a work of pure fiction with any collision with reality purely unintentional

K├Ârperfotogramm. (©Floris Neus├╝ss - Courtesy of the Atlas Gallery)

Dormitory Design - Semester 8 - IBA Campus Karachi