Tuesday, December 18, 2007

architecture - a frozen music

dabeer hemani

Its of the brick and about bricklayer
Of a mason and his prayer
About the sahen and the foyer
Bridges suspended with wires

Of heights and lengths
Of materials and structural strengths
Of commissioned and free lance
Of concrete and tensile tense

Ando’s play with sun in the church of light
And the slopes of Frank Lloyd Wright
Alto’s Finland in him is a great sight
Barcelona for Mies will always be bright
The mile high never reached the height
Corbusians consider him a king of architectural might
Louie Kahn’s a genius in all his right

The models and the sleep
Their meaning lies within me deep
The road is clear but the way is steep
To this life I therefore leap

From contemporary to vernacular
To the views from the tourist’s binocular
Green energy from panels run on solar
Limitations may exist but ambitions go taller

Of the glass box of James Sterling
And Foster’s dome in Berlin
Making statues may be a sin
Its some thing I would do with wide grin

The humor and the smiles
Hidden behind one a million lies
Laid down like a courtyard filled with tiles
Some dreams may live forever deep in files

A coffee and the whistling kettle
It’s all a Thursday nights meddle
This is for what I settle
Of honors and shiny medals

The desperation and frustration within
A billion ideas buried deep within
The pen sketches and their shading
Some see the light others go fading

A sea of possibilities and swimming in one
Steel and gudders weighting millions of tons
A movie for Loui from his son
Finding God is a battle still to be won

The journey may seem long
Don’t be wrong to think I am not strong
Of lyrics, poems, duets and a song
What you do comes back like ping pong

If Dabeer thinks another Savoye can be built
He must not go underneath the quilt
Into the cradle way go all guiltIn front of God he always knelt

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