Monday, August 31, 2009

a night's dream

She held the pen with the pink teddy on the back and begun to write those words. She knew what exactly to say to him but was too shy to do so. Yet she wanted him to know so bad. It had been four years and he was someone who she could totally depend on. He had given her all the reasons to smile, every reason to laugh and been there with those huge hugs when her eyes would go wet. Tonight she begun to write to him. The pen rolled over the paper gently so it seemed as a dancer it would measure every move and each word that came down on to the paper was crafted right deep in her heart. The words flowed in their totality and the reason for her secret smiles was now shared by the green lined paper. She thought she was done writing and stared silently at those words for sometime. Yet she smiled again seemingly unsure of her sureties. She looked at the clock and grinned for no apparent reason. It was four in the morning but she wasn't sleepy and yet very chirpy slowly singing songs to herself. It seemed like a beautiful dream and she didn't want to wake up if it was one. Shutting all the worries she chose to walk this way only because what she felt was the most beautiful feeling she had ever had in her entire life. Those eerie goosebumps and that hesitation to say what she wanted were moments she had memorized to live again and again. She folded that paper neatly and put it beside her green school book carefully. Morning seemed too far away as she counted those five hours on the clock against the back wall. Taking a deep breath she climbed into the bed and hugged the sheets in complete joy! She lay down on those silk sheets thinking of tomorrow to be her immaculate dream. All her dreams were all but figures of her own imagination but this time she wanted them to come to life. Slowly she closed her eyes anticipating for a tomorrow that already was.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just thinking... of the sweet ending that follows the next morning. Great piece. Written really well!