Friday, January 4, 2008

Alamillo Bridge by Calatrava

The Alamillo Bridge in Seville, Andalusia (Spain) spans the Guadalquivir River. Construction of the bridge began in 1989 and was completed in 1992 by Santiago Calatrava.
It was built to allow access to
La Cartuja, a large, deserted island on which Spain decided to host Expo 92.
The bridge is of the
cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge type and consists of a single pylon, counterbalancing a 200 m span with thirteen lengths of cables. The original intent was to build two symmetrical bridges on either side of the island, but in the end, the Alamillo's singular design has proved most striking.
This bridge represents the soaring aspirations of the city of Seville in preparation for the World's Expo of 1992.
Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay located in Redding, California (2004), and Chords Bridge in Jerusalem, Israel, are similar in design to the Alamillo Bridge.

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