Saturday, January 5, 2008

Architectural Terms

Sense of Entry
The front door is big and far away.

Human Scale
Less than 400 feet tall.

Skewed Grid
The design looked too boring with a regular grid.

Doesn’t have enough parking.

Is surrounded by a lot of other buildings the architect couldn’t tear down.

Nobody in their right mind would ever consider building the crazy thing.

Signature Building
You can’t afford it.

Less Is More
The designer ran out of ideas. Cheap Skate.

Classically Proportioned
Traced out of a book of Greek architecture.

Traced out of a book of Roman architecture.

International Style
No country will take responsibility for it.

The backhoe ran into it during construction—and they liked it.

Seismically Designed High Rise
In an earthquake, the structure will not collapse, but will drop all of its glass and stone panels into the street turning pedestrians into a stew-like mush of pureed flesh.

Firing squad.

Design Review Board
Failed architecture majors.

Architecture Student
Egotistical masochist with no money

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