Wednesday, February 6, 2008

abstraction of an untitled story

a wish i still have deep inside
promises that didnt mean to abide
going back into the ocean with the last tide
this alien in the world has lost its only guide

fright, scream, tears and pain
moments when you cant see anything sane
the dreams that were to be slain
got to loose everything as tonight i got nothing to gain

the parts of my life i collect togather today
truth is the only thing i have left to say
speaking makes me numb so here my tears pray
feels good showering in the cold winter spray

once smooth memories that are now fine
my messiah wasnt to be time
never did i know my crime
a life sold for quater of a dime

this space has depth in its self
screaming i bleed in this world gone deaf
putting togather all that is now left
lying brusied and broken form a lost quest

these peices that i posses are a treasure now
this the clerfy to the king they bow
last stormy night was when i was to know
the seeds i sowed were still to grow

that gentel touch and the turning of another year
guilt that is hidden in every falling tear
my self is now i fear
the past i once saw is again very near

Dabeer Hemani

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