Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear my love - a personal interpretation of beethoven's music

dear my love
i can see the place where
dreams of ours are ripped bare
no one seems to care

dear my love
i have gone to the place where
everything is there but love is rare
they maybe two but not a pair

dear my love
there are no words to speak
my eyes cannot stop these tears to leak
they see me strong but never have i been so weak

dear my love
the time is gone
medals and crowns you may have won
me that you havent known

dear my love
the darkness is creeping in
thy purity is the only sin
and you know how it has been

dear my love
you have gone so far
levels you set i couldnt par
i still have the love alive for how you are

dear my love
these words are the last
thy ship may be wrecked by i hold the mast
and a promise that i wont regret the past

Dabeer Hemani

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