Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the warm morning river

waiting for the sun to rise
no mercy as the baby
failure worth a million tries
the arch of my world is through your eyes

that wish flying on the wind
frustration building within
my virtue is a holy sin
a dead me deserves your grin

to do whats right today
winter come; a bath in the shining ray
no blacks or white; these areas are grey
in mourge, dead, my concious lay

fall as the tears of thy soul
faces rubbed dark as charcoal
these fishes are to break the shoal
this was my way and that was the goal

a purifying act of silence
seeking the easy way to guidence
the destruction was to be immense
me and myself alone in the crowd so dense

the fear starts to grip as the teeth tremble
thy blood is the victory symbol
it may not look like but its able
to rewrite this song and give you another fable

the darkness shows me the way to calm
feel as the river flows down my arm
how good u do when u are to harm
the coldness makes you feel the river so warm

Dabeer Hemani


shelbi1971 said...

Hey, I got a guy that just sent me your poem and stated that you stole it from him!!!!! Hmmm... which one is telling the truth!??

dudeyar said...

my frnd, these are my words.. dono who ths guy is.. every poem on ths blog is by me..
cheers =)